Creating the Master race - Laws to prevent the birth of degenerated" children
(July, 14th, 1933)

The National Socialists spread that the "German national body" shrinks because of the war lost in 1914-1918: 


Existential fears favor the race mania in Germany in 1933 -1945   
 (Picture: Jewish museum, Berlin)     


"As the picture points out, the German national body 1910 had the shape of a regular pyramid which, on wide base quiescent, which as the people age becomes smaller in a regular way. The age pyramid of 1930 with shrivelled base had already become reality. If the decline in the birthrate had survived after 1933 consistently, the base of the pyramid would have become even narrower after 30 years, and we would have half as many children and twice as many older people than in 1910. 'However, peoples without youth' and ageing lead relentlessly to death."



Students learn Gregor Mendel' s principles of inheritance and the purported application of those laws to human heredity and principles of race (ca. 1935). (Picture: Jewish museum, Berlin)



NS racial policy in 1933: Genetics at school
(Picture: Jewish museum, Berlin)





NS racial policy in 1933: Race mania at school
(Picture: Jewish museum, Berlin)


During the Third Reich, German born deaf or blind, like those born with mental illnesses or disabilities, are urged to submit to compulsory sterilization as a cvic duty.



Prelude to the conversion of the NS racial policy in 1933
 (Picture: Jewish museum, Berlin)





NS racial policy: Exclusion with number games
(Picture: Jewish museum, Berlin)



All pictures are shown at the exhibition "Deadly Medicine", Jewish Museum,
   Berlin (13.3.-19.7.2009)



Poster (Jewish museum, Berlin)


     Exhibition poster,  Jewish Museum, Berlin