The extinction of Jewish community life in Zündorf
Up to 1938 the Jewish municipality in Porz-Zündorf was one of many which had been founded in the area of today's state North Rhine-Westphalia.
The map offers an overview of the Jewish municipalities until 1945 in North Rhine-Westphalia.

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  Shortly after the beginning of Hitler's dictatorship several Jewish citizens left Porz. Among them many of the rich industrialists emigrated.

People from the middle class moved to cities, most of them to Cologne.

The inhabitant's registration card index documents such a move to Cologne.

Spring, 1938: The sales of the synagogue happened before the "Night of Broken Glass", so that the building was not damaged.

The sales documents that the Jewish municipality was not allowed to maintain the building.

  1938: on 4/1/1938 the last funeral of a Jewish citizen on the Jewish cemetery took place in Porz-Zündorf.

After 1945 no more Jewish municipality was reestablished in Porz-Zündorf again.