The synagogue of Zündorf
Until the middle of the 19th century the Jewish municipality in Porz-Zündorf had no synagogue, only a room for prayers. It had been furnished in 1713 in the house of Andreas Salomon and was used till 1865. After this room was not sufficient for the visitors of the services any more, they asked the mayor of Wahn, Ottersbach, in 1878 to finance a new building because that was not possible for them using cult deliveries only.

In 1880 it the construction of the synagogue in the Haupstr. 68 began. Today the building has the house number 158. The massive brick stone construction was finished in 1882 and initiated in August the same year by the rabbi Plato.

In a contemporary report on the inaugural ceremonies one says: "Friday and Saturday, August 19th, Zündorf celebrated a party which was unforgetable for all who attended it, the inauguration of a new synagogue. Friday afternoon the celebrations began according to the program planned. After they prayed the mincha-prayer in the old synagogue and teacher Mr. Wertheim in representation of rabbi Plato from Cologne sincerely spoke a few words, the imposing train started moving through the streets decorated. When they reached the new synagogue the mayor handed over its key, hoping that the church would become a site of peace." (1)


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The photo shows the back side of the brick stone building. Two - possibly round arched- windows with horizontal lintel are recognizable. Two small okuli are to the right and left ar the height of the window arches. Besides the neighbouring house another round arch-firm is to be recognized: "The building was behind a half-timbered house which did not belong to the Jewish municipality, and was only to be reached by a narrow way. To the side situated to the court was a two-winged door with highly-arched upper light as well as an anteroom." (2)

About the arrangement of the interior of the synagogue nothing is delivered.

On the 2/9/1938 the synagogue was sold to Peter Scheidt against the will of the Jewish population who submitted a building application to the rebuilding in a appartment buildung nine days later. After the police preliminary examination was sucessful on 2/25/1938 the mayor also agreed to the project and ignored the contradicting demands of the Jewish citizens. After the approval from the head of the district administrator of the Prussian state the building permit was issued on 3/17/1938 and the only 56 year-old synagogue was altered to a appartment.

A commemorative plaque was not put up in the former synagogue.


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     The building of the former synagogue in Zündorf

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     2/18/1938: Building application
     Alteration of the synagogue into a appartment building [StA Porz]

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     3/8/1938: Building authority of Porz
     Declaration of consent by the neighbor [StA Porz]

     3/10/1938: Application to the building department of Prussia
     Freeing from the conditions of the building code [StA Porz]

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     3/17/1938: County Rhein-Berg
     Freeing from the conditions of the building code [StA Porz]

     3/17/1938: County Rhein-Berg
     Building permit for Peter Scheid [StA Porz]

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Secondary literature

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