Desecration of the graves

          Nevertheless, one can recognize that many graves have been destroyed not by natural decay,
          but by humans. On some graves no gravestones were visible but their bases. By the fact that
          they were destroyed concludes to vandalism.

The gravestone of Helene Tobias shows tears and other tracks of destruction attempts.  
  The forces which have worked from the stone's front on the tomb have also affected the gravestone foundation.
Obviously someone tried to separate the tomb from its foundation by the use of stones that were around
(down right corner).
  On the occasion of a visit of the Jewish cemetery in 2000 this photo was taken of the gravestone's top.
2004 the top was fully destroyed.  
  Noticed in 2000 already:

Daubs on the grave of Ludwig Tobias


Again daubs make the inscription on Ludwig Tobias‘ gravestone almost irrecognizable.


Because half of all gravestones do not exist anymore, a high degree of vandalism to the tombs is conclusive. Indeed, it is unequivocal that these destructions didn't happen in the latest past, but before 1945. The photo from the 1950s proves that all gravestones, which aren't visible anymore were already destroyed back then. The gravestones on the picture that are visible all exist today, of course affected by tracks of decay.

The view on the cemetery in the beginning of the 1950‘s   The view on the cemetery on March 18th 2004
Photo: Gisela Odenwald, Porz   Photo: Jochen Hindrichs, Köln-Porz