The condition of the gravestones

Some graves have gone to ruin very much. Indeed, the inscriptions on a gravestone which were written on there in the 1920s and 30s of the 20th century are usually well recognizable. Weather, conditioned by leachings, is to be ascertained not only on the tombs inscriptions, but also in the edges of the gravestones. Partially some parts were chipped off there because of precipitation and frost.

Several graves still show gravestone bases. Here it is partly recognizable that the connections between gravestone base and gravestone weren't put on very solidly. On other graves there are no tracks which point to gravestone bases on the upper grave edges. If they have been put on, they have possibly been within the border area. Because these graves are covered with stones, no further investigations were possible.

The gravestone of M.A. Salomon (2000)
Tears pull through the inscription on the gravestone.

In the upper left corner parts of the gravestone are chipped off.

Visitors have left small stones on the gravestone

The gravestone of M.A. Salomon (2004)

Now upper parts of the gravestone are also chipped off. The rust tracks of the iron armoring which connect the gravestone with the base have become bigger.

The top of the tomb of Helene Tobias was damaged by the weather conditions in 2000 already. The at an angle running tears (on the left) show that water has penetrated into the stone. By frost effects parts of the relief surface have broken off.  
  The gravestone of M.A. Salomon is inside of the surrounding of the grave.
Grave with a base.  
  Grave with a base. The base is poured on the grave border. On the top of the gravestone base tracks of an iron armoring are recognizable. Possibly, it was too weak to connect the gravestone permanently with the base.
Grave without a base and gravestone.  
  Memorial stone by the city of Porz (2000):

In the border areas efflorescence in the stone is visible.

Memorial stone by the city of Porz (2004):

All of the upper half of the stone is affected by the efflorescence.