Looking for hidden graves


The first clue of our search was the the arrangement of the visible graves and so we took a look at the surrounding area for elevations and deepenings.  
  Because the graveyard was in a natural state, we removed leaves from the hidden ways and searched for the ways which could lead us to old, far off graves.
After this work was done we used the memorial stone the city of Cologne placed there and searched for sinkings in the forest ground to maybe find sunk graves. Because all graves had stones lying on them, we searched for bigger stones, which were put up in similar manner.  
  After we were not able to find anything in the deepenings, we examined the elevations. We didn't get any results there either, so we expanded our area that we searched on. At first we only looked on more ample and free places. However, later we also penetrated to closer covered places. We pushed the leaves aside over and over again to maybe find stones beneath them.
By approach like we did we also discovered a small place which was covered with stones. The stones were partly covered with earth and moldy sheets and had to be exposed first. Because the archaeological site was relatively small, we supposed we had found a grave of a child. The archaeological site was not far from the visible graves and is surrounded by a few dry bushes.