The amount of recognizable graves

On the Jewish graveyard in Porz-Zündorf nine graves can be recognized. All graves are put on with the marked side of the gravestones facing east/southeast. They are in the middle of the graveyard close to each other on a surface from approx. 12m ². Our visit on 1/27/2004 led us to the assumption that we have discovered another grave. Up to now literature only assumed eight graves, a ninth one was recognizable to us: It is hidden and is approx. 20 m away from the group of other graves. Though, our discovery turned out to be a "flop":

Mr and Mrs Rüh tried to help us to throw light on our discovery and to determine whether stone block we found was a gravestone or not. However, they couldn’t identify the rock to be a gravestone and thus we remained at a loss again. Meanwhile it turned out that the stone was a part of the wall that surrounded the area of the graveyard.

The visible graves are covered by stones and not decorated with flowers like Christians would do. The graveyard creates a very neglected impression. Partially gravestones are painted with graffiti or chalk.

The composition of all visible graves in a sketch: