The Jewish graveyard as a historical monument

The Jewish graveyard of Porz-Zündorf is in bad condition, it looks more or less neglected, because there's garbage and Graffitis on the tombs. Because of this ine can conclude that the graveyard is still visited by people with xenophobic intentions. Further it shows symptoms of decline, the fallen trees as well as the moss on the gravestones. We also noticed that one gravestone was in a very much weather-beaten state, i.e. it had crumbling places, as well as a fading of the writing, although the grave was one of the latest.j
In the 1920’s and 30’s families of Jews didn’t use stones of high quality. What might be the reason for their bad conditions.  
  Heavily damaged gravestone.
After the former entrance which is parallel to the tracks of tramelines 7 and 8, was found  
  a memorial by the city of Porz was found easily. Its effect isn’t great at all, because this memorial stone is far off the main path.
If one walks towards the small wooded area,  
  ithe sign from the city of Cologne is visible.
The sign contains informative explanation, but – because of its location- it isn’t very much noticed by pedestrians.  
  Other that that one wouldn’t assume the Jewish graveyard to be in this wooden area because it is far off the road.

After investigating the graveyard in detail we came to the conclusion that the Jewish graveyard is unknwon by most citizens because of its location...