Dissolving the Jewish synagogue community in Zündorf
and selling off the Jewish graveyard
In November, 1942 the district court of Cologne dissolved the synagogue municipality. Their property went to the Jewish Reichs-Vereinigung. Hence, the district place Rhineland felt constrained to offer the Jewish graveyard to the municipality of Porz for sale in December 1842. The municipality agreed, but hesitated because supervisory authority didn’t approve their plans. The imperial security main office brought the work of the Reichs-Vereinigung to an end in June, 1943. The upper president for finances in Cologne functioned as an administrator and sold the graveyard while public notary Gustav Witthoff was present in Köln-Deutz on March 23rd, 1944 to the municipality of Porz for RM 750.80, (20 Reichspfennige per square metre). Nevertheless, a conveyance did not occur because the buyer had not agreed first. It wasn’t until 11/5/1944 until the district councils of Porz agreed to the investion.