As a contribution to a project set up  by the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights in
Vienna, students of MKG, a grammar school, have done research on the situation of minorities in Porz, a district of Cologne, in the past and today.

Let our students show you how people in Porz have treated minorities and what kind of experiences members of minorities have had in Porz. Find out why Jewish life came to an end in Porz during the Nazi era of terror, how people from all over Europe, Africa, and Russia were made to do forced labour and what measures are taken by the city council to learn from the mistakes of the past and to integrate immigrants.

On the CD provided by the students, you will find the edited version of the results of their intensive research as well as a critical documentation of the research process. Have a look at the CD and don't forget: living as a member of a minority always means discontinuity in your concept of civilization.


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           2009 MKG