The withdrawl of the Belgian armed forces - looking for remains


After the reunion of Germany the special troop statute was abolished and the Belgian soldiers were sent back to their native country.

  The Belgian soldiers leave Germany
       (La fin des forces belges en Allemagne), 30.12.2005 [pdf]

With them their family members also left Porz. Residential buildings were sold, the Belgian schools were closed and the infrastructure was completely given up. Only 75 of 2500 families remained in the area  Bensberg - Porz - Siegburg - Troisdorf.

The "Brasseurkaserne" in the north of Porz after the deduction of the Belgians served as a „center for foreigners liable to departure“, as an camp for deportation for undesirable foreigners.



The city of Cologne plans to make a businesspark out of the area until 2010.2)

  KStA 9.4.2009 [pdf]

The barracks "Camp Spich" was rebuild and „Camp Altenrath" was left to decay.

  Vehicle depot Altenrath   Former pick-up point for cases of emergency    
  Housing in Altenrath   Cafeteria Camp Spich1)  
  No more radio communication will take place here    Tank washer in Altenrath  
  Belgian bar   Barbed wire  
  In the midst of a  businesspark: middle: checkpoint of the former barracks "Camp Spich"   The former belgian church
belongs to
the Greek church.

A deconstruction of the physical structures, which served more than five decades to the military, Belgians didn't do.



Today the Wahner Heide is accessible to the Porzer population after more than 70 years at any time and some parts because of leftovers of ammunition of the Belgian armed forces are not accessible.



In Porz, Siegburg and Troisdorf stones tablets remind of the Belgians who had been citizens from 1951 - 2004.

Memorial stone
Memorial stone
  Memorial stone
Porz (Humboldtstr.)
  Memorial stone next to a former appartment for belgian soldiers (Porz)  

On the homepage of the former students of the Athénée royal in Rösrath one finds impressions of the school hours in Germany and the return to Belgium.3)


 1) Pictures from "Lost Sites" with the permission Christoph

 2) Das Bild ist dem Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger, Nr. 84,
     Donnerstag/Freitag, 9./10. April 2009, S. 33, entnommen.

  3) Ehemaligenseite des Athénée Royal mit Dokumenten
     über Zusammenleben und Abzug [pdf]

 For all other pictures the copyright is owned by J. Hindrichs 2009.


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