The fencing of the Jewish graveyard

A fence around the Jewish graveyard of the municipality Zündorf was built in 1920. It is no longer visible, though. About 90% of the old wire-mesh fence was being destroyed or is dilapidated.  
  Later the city of Cologne set up a new fence, but even the new one doesn’t give cover anymore.
This fence was destroyed by violence, too.  
  The new wire-mesh was painted green and set up on metal-bases every meter.
The old fence rom the 1960’s was put up with spiles only.  
  The graveyard is bordered by a bigger fence to the north of it. It separates the property from a factory site next to it. Generally speaking one can conclude that the city of Cologne doesn’t take care of the property well (garbage and so on). Further the fence doesn’t give any cover and contributes to the overall picture, which is rather negative.