The construction of the graveyard in Zündorf


About the number of the Jewish citizens an elevation was made on 5/16/1927. Afterwards the „special synagogue municipality of the administrative district Mülheim” moved to Zündorf and included 40 citizens in Heumar and 75 in Zündorf. 11 school-age children were counted that day. They took classes in Porz and Urbach by teacher Vogel. Because the dead people of the Jewish municipality until then were buried in Deutz, the municipality tried to get their own graveyard since 1920. The district council of Wahn granted a subsidy of 1000 Mark for this purpose on the 20th of April, 1920. The district council of Porz granted the same amount of money on the 27th of July, 1920. It wasn’t until June 18th 1923 though, that they got the opportunity to buy a property at Wahner Strasse (= todays Poststrasse).

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  Die Belegungzeit des jüdischen Friedhofs ist hier dokumentiert.