Initiation of integration:
The French Revolution and the Jews in Porz Zündorf


After the French Revolution was finished, the French Minister of Interior and Finance eliminated the discrimination of the Jews; a decree granted them the full human and civil rights. In 1808 it was issued that Jews were supposed to adopt common family and first name; this means that they were integrated into the government system of France. However, this Decree was only for the Jews were in France at this point. Others had to contact the government in time beforehand.
Everywhere, where the Frenchmen arrived, were the gates to the Jewish streets destroyed, so the gates of "Judengasse" in Zündorf. Today the Jewish lane in Zündorf is called "Gütergasse".
When the Frenchmen had the left side of the Rhine under their control in 1798, Government Commissioner Rudler said: "Whatever tastes like slavery is abolished. Only before God you have to justify your religious beliefs. Your civil rights will no longer depend on your origin. It will be tolerated without any discrimination and you will enjoy equal protection ."

Jewish agricultural labourers Fruit plantation